A boutique service, backed by big firm know-how

A proposition built around the needs of your company and your clients, backed by Hymans Robertson’s institutional expertise.

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What do we offer?

We provide model portfolio services, designed to meet the needs of a select number of UK financial advice firms.

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How does it work?

Partnering with us to implement model portfolio services into your firm and with your clients involves 3 key stages:

  1. We listen to your needs
  2. We manage the models
  3. We provide dedicated support

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1. We listen

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Our portfolio service begins when our team assists your firm in understanding your requirements. We will then put forward suggested mandates and model portfolio designs, for you to consider.

2. We manage

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We then manage and rebalance model portfolios on your chosen platforms using our DFM permissions, within the agreed mandate specifications.

3. We support

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Our service involves significant, ongoing and dedicated support to adviser firms, covering aspects such as ongoing communication around markets and performance.

Why is our proposition right for you?

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    Model portfolios that meet your needs

    Model portfolios are designed and managed to meet your requirements. We can offer an investment proposition which integrates with your advice process, maps to your risk -profiler, is made available on your platforms, meets your cost budgets and (if desired) delivered under your brand. All implemented on a wide range of platforms, to fit with your business requirements.

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    Hymans Robertson's institutional resource and scale

    Comfort that your models are being managed to ‘best practice’ institutional standards by making the most of our parent company's resources.
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    Exclusive and dedicated service

    We only work with a select group of adviser firms and you will get extensive access to our investment team at the outset and on an ongoing basis.
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    Value for money

    We aim to deliver model portfolios that reduce costs. We also ensure competitive pricing is secured through accessing the scale associated with our parent firm.
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    Robust, evidence-based & sustainable

    Our long-term, evidence-based approach to investments is predictable, robust and stands up to scrutiny. We also integrate Responsible Investment analysis throughout the investment process.

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    Operationally efficient

    We create, refresh and rebalance the model portfolios on platform(s). Taking on the administrative burden of delivering your investment proposition and reducing risk for your business.

Our investment approach

We adopt a long-term, low-turnover approach to investments, with portfolios designed to be predictable and robust across a range of different future market scenarios.

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About us

Hymans Robertson Investment Services (HRIS), are a specialist discretionary investment management business, owned by Hymans Robertson LLP.

HRIS calls on the significant expertise and resources of our parent when managing our UK adviser firm’s portfolios.

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