Sustainable Income Tool (SIT)

The HRIS proposition combines model portfolios that take account of managing downside risks, with a unique, online interactive ‘Sustainable Income Tool’ (SIT).

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SIT consists of:

  • 1

    High quality data, allowing you to evidence delivery of personalised sustainable income recommendations.

  • 2

    Street level longevity data covering 1 in 4 UK DB scheme members (well aligned to advised client demographic).

  • 3

    Portfolio specific projections, employing our institutional ESS, allowing you to evidence use of appropriate return assumptions.

  • 4

    SIT is simple and intuitive, making adoption into the advice process straightforward and efficient when delivering to multiple segments of your client bank.

  • 5

    Clear visual outputs to support you in enhancing consumer understanding of key considerations and ranges of potential outcomes.

Sustainable Income Tool

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