Helping Advisers overcome the Gladiator Investment Gauntlet

With Gladiators back on our screens, William Marshall shares how the ‘Gladiator’s Gauntlet’ reminds him of the advice process for financial advisers, and the series of challenges that they face.

William Marshall

20 Mar 2024

240320 HRIS Gladiator Blogimage

Anyone with young children will be aware that Gladiators is back on our TV screens (and with great success for the BBC). For those of an older generation who’ve yet to see it, the show repeats many of the features of the 90s version, but with a 21st century twist e.g. there’s new gladiators, new games, more technology and an excessive use of the word “literally”.

Last week’s episode saw the contestants pitted against four gladiators as they ran “the gauntlet”. Ultimately the contestants were successful, but they needed to overcome a series of tough challenges along the way. 

In some way (and please bear with me on this) the Gladiator’s Gauntlet is a potential metaphor for the Advice process.

Looking ahead, Advisers will need to overcome a series of challenges, with the ultimate aim of generating successful outcomes for their clients!

Some of the main Gladiators we see Advisers facing at the moment, include:

Over recent months we’ve produced various communications (written and podcasts) which discuss these subjects in more detail (you can find these by clicking the links above). We have also provided CPD training to a number of our clients on the importance of taking a long-term, forward-looking approach to investments. Additionally, we discuss how best to communicate this approach (and its merits) with clients and prospects.

If you would like to find out more about any of these communications please get in touch or speak to your HRIS representative.